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Chassis dynamometer testing from SGS – precise, simulated road driving conditions in a controlled laboratory environment for a range of vehicles, including all-wheel drive and hybrid cars.

Highway in the dark

Accurately simulating road driving conditions in a controlled laboratory setting requires highly specialized chassis dynamometer (dyno) testing. Our chassis dynamometer vehicle testing services provide precise, simulated road driving conditions in a controlled laboratory environment. 

Why choose chassis dynamometer testing from SGS?

We offer dyno testing for a wide range of vehicles, including motorcycles, all-wheel drive and hybrid cars. We can test at altitude, sea level or a wide range of simulated altitudes, up to 14,000 feet above sea level, through our patented altitude simulation system. 

We will help you to:

  • Test your entire vehicle
  • Assess real world emissions and the benefits of new fuels and vehicle technologies 
  • Understand the performance of heavy hybrid trucks and buses 
  • Test AWD sport utility vehicles, motorcycles, motor sport vehicles, cars and performance vehicles 
  • Perform realistic testing on hybrid and electric vehicles, correctly determining the balance between mechanical braking and regenerative braking
  • Perform mileage accumulation testing at sea level
  • Compare vehicle dyno testing results with in-use or on-road testing results via our PEMS testing services
  • Perform in-use verification program (IUVP) testing
  • Procure vehicles to support your IUVP testing program
  • Analyze your testing data with data analytics and engineering services

We will test:

  • Light-duty and medium-duty passenger vehicles
  • Medium-duty commercial trucks
  • Heavy-duty commercial trucks with single drive axles
  • Class 8 tandem axle tractors
  • Motorcycles
  • Motor sport vehicles

Our standard vehicle driving cycles include:

  • FTP-75 – for federal emissions certification tests 
  • US06 – a supplemental drive cycle that simulates aggressive, high-speed driving with high acceleration rates and rapid speed changes very soon after startup 
  • SC03 – a supplemental drive cycle that simulates emissions consistent with the use of air conditioning in vehicles 
  • IM240 – for state and local inspection and maintenance (I/M) check programs 
  • Highway fuel economy test (HWFET) cycle – to determine the highway fuel economy rating of your vehicles 
  • Onboard refueling vapor recovery (ORVR) – to verify that your onboard system does not allow excessive hydrocarbon emissions while your vehicle is being refueled 
  • Sealed housing for evaporative determination (SHED) testing – to analyze vehicle fuel emissions that are not related to exhaust and determine volatile organic compound (VOC) levels; two and three-day diurnal studies are available 
  • New European driving cycle (NEDC) – simulates the typical driving behavior of a light-duty vehicle in Europe 
  • HOT 505 – the final segment of the FTP-75 cycle, run as an evaluation test during development when certification is not the goal 
  • Running loss test – to measure evaporative emissions from a vehicle as the result of the heating of the fuel and fuel system during vehicle operation

Benefit from our wide range of services:

  • Chassis dyno testing for development, emissions analysis and certification
  • Simulation of the full range of standard vehicle driving cycles in our state-of-the-art network of dedicated vehicle testing laboratories
  • Design and development of cutting-edge testing and verification methods
  • Creation and execution of customer-specified test procedures
  • Research projects

Trusted chassis dynamometer testing from a world leader in vehicle testing

As a global leader in certification and testing for the automotive and transportation industries, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise in specialized vehicle and emissions testing. Our chassis two-wheel drive, motorcycle and all-wheel drive dynamometers are operated in highly controlled laboratory conditions to help you get precise analytical data.

Chassis dynamometers for vehicle emissions testing

We use special chassis dynamometers for vehicle emissions testing, calibrated to accommodate the weights of various vehicles, referred to as “inertia weight” categories. Our dynamometers are also calibrated for various road load horsepower (RLHP) settings to simulate the amount of horsepower required to move a vehicle over a level road surface at 50 miles per hour.

All-wheel drive chassis dynamometers for vehicle testing

Our all-wheel drive (AWD) chassis dynamometers enable testing of AWD sport utility vehicles, AWD cars and performance vehicles. They allow for realistic vehicle and emissions testing of hybrid and electric vehicles. We also operate an all-wheel drive AC dynamometer that accommodates a wide range of vehicle wheelbases.

To find out more about how our chassis dynamometer vehicle and emissions testing services can help you, contact us today.