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5S – A Foundation for Improvement training from SGS provides your personnel with an understanding of the concepts and benefits of 5S.

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The 5S principle is a tool to help organizations build a culture of continuous improvement and a technique to maintain superior quality and an improved work environment. As well as its operational simplicity, the 5S principle can effectively improve occupational health and safety, hygiene, productivity, image and competitiveness. It is therefore the first step of any quality improvement plan and ideally implemented alongside management systems. Our 5S training enables you to apply the principles of 5S to your organization.

Why choose 5S training from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Acquire knowledge on providing your organization with an excellent work environment and superior quality management system
  • Learn how to efficiently help your organizations to run other quality management systems
  • Manage your employees systematically
  • Gain and cultivate good habits among employees and promote continuous improvement
  • Establish an institutional culture and standardized system 

The trusted 5S course from Singapore’s leading training provider

 As a leading training provider, we offer you unrivaled expertise and experience in 5S training. Our one-day course is designed to cover the following key topics:

  • What is 5S?
    • Sort
    • Simplify
    • Sweep
    • Standardize
    • Self-discipline
  • Training and execution of 5S
  • Applying 5S at the workplace

This course has been designed for managers, executives, supervisors and those who wish to embark on continual improvement of their workplace.

To find out more about our 5S training, contact us today.