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Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) training from SGS – provide your personnel with the ability to analyze your manufacturing system and enhance effectiveness.

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In order to ensure that your manufacturing environment is stable, you need to implement an SPC system and measurement studies for your projects. Through adopting MSA techniques, you can then ensure the continued capability and effectiveness of your manufacturing system.  Our SPS and MSA course trains your personnel to analyze your manufacturing system and enhance effectiveness.

Why choose the SPC and MSA training course from SGS?

Our two-day course can help you:

  • Provide your personnel with knowledge on process control and contribute to process and product improvement
  • Understand the need for SPC in your process and appreciate the importance of a measurement system
  • Understand plotting and interpretation of the various control charts used in SPC
  • Apply SPC in your work processes to monitor, adjust and improve variations
  • Acquire statistical knowledge about measurement results and their relationships to the gauge and products
  • Applying the meanings of MSA terminologies correctly and effectively
  • Understand measurement systems analysis methods and the interpretation of measurement unit analysis
  • Recognize the relationship of MSA to your quality system management

The trusted SPC and MSA training course from Singapore’s leading training provider 

As a leading training provider in Singapore, we offer you extensive expertise and experience in SPC and MSA training. To find out more about our SPC and MSA training course, contact us today.