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Calibration and metrology course from SGS – provide your personnel with basic understanding of metrology, calibration and measurement.

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Calibration must be performed regularly on every field instrument to ensure smooth functioning and compliance with relevant regulations. Almost all calibration laboratories’ quality systems fulfill the standards set by ISO/IEC 17025:1999. Our calibration and metrology course provides an understanding of metrology, calibration and measurement, and how ISO/IEC 17025 relates to equipment, personnel, calibration procedures and reporting. 

Why choose the calibration and metrology course from SGS?

Our two-day calibration and metrology course enables your staff to understand:

  • The standards and requirements for implementation and maintenance of calibration and measurement
  • The basic concept of metrology for different types of calibrations and the technical terms commonly used
  • Specifications, tolerances and accuracies
  • How to interpret and understand the content of a typical calibration report
  • The common findings of a quality audit
  • What is required to meet and exceed the relevant quality standard and apply the best industry practices

The trusted calibration and metrology course from Singapore’s leading ISO certification training provider 

As a leading ISO certification training provider, we offer you a wide variety of training courses for all levels of ability and awareness.

To find out more about our calibration and metrology course, contact us today.