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A review of your project’s operating plans by SGS experts evaluates your operations and maintenance costs and schedules to ensure they are realistic and sufficient to ensure success. Call our team of project finance experts today for more details.

Financial District

Our expert project finance teams review your project’s operation and maintenance plans to ensure realistic input in the project’s financial model and ultimately accurate operational expenditures and predictable debt service capacity.

Our review of your project’s operating plans includes:

  • Comparison of your operational costs against similar projects
  • Evaluation of costs, capacity and facilities
  • Monitoring of commissioning procedures to safeguard the start date for your commercial operations and production
  • Gap analysis of operational costs against budget
  • Review of your implementation schedule and viability of operations phases
  • Production forecast and maintenance plan reviews
  • Identification of cost overruns and loss in productivity
  • Identification of maintenance requirements that may have an impact on production downtimes and operating costs
  • Assessment of need to create and maintain maintenance reserve accounts
  • Expert advice on corrective action to mitigate costs and revenue losses and to boost productivity

As a global network, our project specialists have combined technical and financial expertise across a variety of industry sectors. Our review provides the information necessary for credit committee appraisals and documentation negotiations. Our consultants are also available to deal with technical issues arising from the appraisal process until and beyond financial close. They understand the implications of technical issues and risks on the financial profile of projects.

Our independent consultants have a proven track record in reviewing large investments under a project financing structure. As a source of the latest industry information, we provide invaluable support and advice for your project. And we ensure that there is no conflict of interest with involved Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM) partners, suppliers or your project sponsors.

We are your first choice as a reliable and independent third party to carry out the review of your project’s operating plan. Call our experienced project finance team today to find out more.