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Delta Electronics first to step up to international energy management standard ISO 50001

Delta Electronics (Thailand) (DET) PCL continues to stay true to their vision of running a sustainable and environmentally friendly operation by being Thailand’s first company to be awarded the ISO 50001 certification from SGS.  

As one of the world’s leading producers of power supplies and electronic components, DET is committed to providing “innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow”. In line with this mission is their continuous dedication to keep up with global standards for energy management systems, such as the ISO 50001.

ISO 50001 is the latest international standard for energy management systems, which provides public and private sector organisations with management strategies to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and improve energy performance. It examines various energy sources (e.g. electricity, wind, hydro power, and other types of renewable energy) to improve and maximise energy performance. According to SGS Thailand’s Business Manager of Systems & Services Certification division, Montree Tangtermsirikul, energy management system certification has been gaining attention and popularity from countries across the world; the energy efficiency know-how and technology can be beneficial to the country and industry as a whole, and the company can also find itself in a favourable light, and be viewed by the public as an environmentally-friendly and dependable organisation.

How ISO 50001 will benefit Delta

For DET, there are operational risks linked to climate change that cannot be ignored – these are mainly changes in regulations, potential energy taxes, carbon taxes, and implementation of efficiency standards, which may increase operating costs. Extreme weather conditions such as torrential rainfall, blizzards and droughts may also affect business operations.

ISO 50001 will be vital in seeing DET through the PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) cycle. The energy factor will become a part of everyday operations at Delta; trends in energy consumption will be analysed; and energy efficiency of equipment will be greatly increased. DET is certain that with the implementation of the ISO 50001 energy management system, the company will attain the goal of halving the overall electricity intensity of the Delta Group by 2014.

Secret to success

When asked about the company’s success in both business and environment management, Khun Vichai Saksuriya, DET’s senior operation director, credits it to their long-term devotion to a sustainable and green operation.

For example, new Delta plants and offices around the world are all fitting in green building design concepts which will noticeably lower carbon footprints and reduce the amount of energy consumed. DET has also been introducing electricity-saving initiatives including improvements to air-conditioning, lighting, plastic injection machines, and installation of timers and converters. Solar panels in many manufacturing plants have also been designed, produced and installed to provide electricity.

DET also believes strongly in keeping up with international standards through various certifications, some of which include ISO 14001 for Environmental Management system, ISO 14067 for Carbon Footprint of Products, and most recently, ISO 50001 for Energy Management, certified by SGS Thailand.

Currently at the research and development phrase of obtaining the Green Building Certificate, the implementation of it when completed will also result in energy efficiency in all of DET’s facilities.   

Khun Vichai Saksuriya adds that DET is currently shifting from the information technology field to the energy technology field and clean energy: “The solutions that we provide such as solar and wind power systems, cloud computing, smart grid, medical electronics, electric vehicles, lithium batteries with charging infrastructure, energy-efficient LED lighting, industrial automation, and intelligent green building systems, are all targeted to meeting future market demands. The company is also encouraging employees to protect the environment while actively focusing on developing alternative energy products. We firmly believe that our long-term dedication to eco-friendliness will help alleviate environmental problems, reduce fossil fuel usage, and create a sustainable future for all.”

DET is an internationally prominent producer of power supplies and electronic components, encompassing cooling fans, EMI filters and solenoids. Their main power management products consist of switch mode power supplies, DC-DC converters, solar inverters, and industrial power systems.