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Meet the requirements of GSM mobile network operators in North America (and certain countries/carriers in Latin and South America) with testing against the PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) standards from SGS.

The PTCRB is a global organization created by mobile network operators to provide an independent evaluation process to device manufacturers for GSM/UMTS Type Certification. It authorizes third party laboratories, Primary Labs, to conduct their GSM testing regime.

To help you achieve PTCRB certification our global network of wireless testing facilities hold primary lab status. Choose SGS as your third party certification supplier and we will conduct all the required testing, to GSM standards, and submit the documentation to the PTCRB’s certification database. Your certification will be evaluated by CTIA (the Wireless Association) and if all requirements have been met your certification notice issued.

Network operators who belong to the PTCRB require all devices to be PTCRB certificated and may block devices which are not. Devices which are not certified may not be able to obtain service when roaming onto a network.

Ensure your devices can access key networks with PTCRB certification from SGS.

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