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The on site grain grading services of SGS aim to identify, grade and segregate grains into pre-determined storage areas as quickly and accurately as possible.

We are able to rapidly set up our mobile testing labs at the silos and warehouses where your goods are taken in and stored. Therefore, our highly trained grain grading teams can be present at silo intake, storage and outtake – continuously tracking the quality and quantity of your goods.

The processes we use for the grading of grains also allow for selective blending. This means you can determine which combination of grains best matches your contractual specifications at the time of loading onto trucks, trains, barges or vessels. In turn, this optimization of blends maximizes the value of your commodity by utilizing the data on quality to determine the best averages of available products.

Real-time data access

By accessing our user-friendly, web-enabled tracking system in real-time, you can monitor the quality and quantity data yourself – and relay this information to relevant parties along the supply chain.

Our grain grading services eliminate quality concerns and maximize the value of your commodities. Contact SGS now to find out more.

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SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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