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Wood Chips, Wood Pellets, Solid Biomass Verification and Testing

SGS facilitates international trade by providing inspection and testing services that verify the availability, quality and loading of wood chips, sawdust, wood pellets and solid bio mass and fuels.

Our global presence means that we can offer these services at source and throughout the supply chain, including all export and import points. And because our standardized reporting considers the defined industry regulations, we make commodity trading and deliveries less contentious and open to dispute.

Inspections and related services

  • Assessment of forestry areas and agricultural land production, to define the bio mass supply to power stations
  • Project analysis of investments in plantations (forests or other bio mass supply sources), plus continuous investment monitoring
  • Chain of supply studies including issues such as timing, physical collection, storing and processing
  • Verification of quantity on physical deliveries to pellet manufacturers and power stations (inbound and outbound controls)
  • Assessment of stockpile conditions and volume estimates (with tri-dimensional measurements) 
  • Verification of gas emissions from stocks
  • Product certification – we can audit and verify your operations against national or international standards, as required for the delivery of your products
  • Insurance surveys of storage facilities
  • Odor studies
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Sustainability report assurance and certifications

Marine surveys

  • Terminal inspections
  • Loading, transhipment and unloading controls
  • Sampling of the cargo
  • Hose verifications
  • Hold inspections
  • Testing during loading of moisture, screens (fines), temperature, density
  • Monitoring of foreign matter (e.g. plastic bags, caked materials) and prevention of loading 
  • Draft surveys
  • Gas emission verifications, and detection of fumigants, carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases


  • Sample preparation
  • Size verifications of chips rot, bark, stones
  • Nett calorific values (ash, moisture, volatile matter, gross calorific value analyzes)
  • Lignin
  • Chlorine, sulfur, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen
  • Trace metals (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, vanadium, zinc, benzopyrene, pentachlorophenol) 
  • Fractional distribution
  • Angle and repose verifications
  • Fines, particle size
  • Shape (length and diameter measurement), size
  • Durability test of pellets
  • Binding agents

Get in touch with SGS now to discover how we facilitate trade by verifying the availability, quality and loading of sawdust, wood pellets and solid bio mass and fuels.

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SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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