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Training for Vehicle Inspection Examiners and Repair Industry

For companies that offer vehicle repair services, SGS offers vehicle inspection training on 56 automotive topics with video-based online training.

The training enables inspectors to improve their skills and advance their career by enhancing their knowledge, while mastering these automotive technology topics:

  • Automotive Emissions
  • Automotive Technology and Repair
  • Engine Performance
  • Electronics
  • Troubleshooting
  • ASE Test Prep

...and many more.

Virtually all course content is presented using professionally produced full-motion video that delivers clear and concise instruction more efficiently than any other medium. Procedures are clear and memorable when the vehicle inspector or vehicle examiner sees them done and can hear how and why they are performed. Concepts are quickly understood when professionally produced animations and graphics artfully illustrate and explain them.

At the end of each lesson, a short quiz is administered. The questions are designed to help the inspector discover the areas that they may not have understood, remembered or fully mastered. When the inspector misses a question during a quiz, the computer immediately reviews the specific material giving the inspector what they need to answer the question correctly.

These courses are available 24/7 and involve no scheduling, no ordering, and no long-term commitments.

The final benefit is the inspector feeling assured that they have actually mastered the topic. The inspector will get this assurance as they work and apply what they have learned. They will also see improvement in their own personal performance and in their ability to make good decisions as they make use of their new understanding and skills.

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