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Scanner Project Management

Scanner project management from SGS – design, implementation and maintenance of your cargo scanning services to ensure accuracy and maximum effectiveness.

Security services and worldwide customs administration increasingly need the most effective cargo scanning services to protect against fraud and illegal trade. At SGS, we understand the need to design and implement your scanner border security services diligently and with precision to ensure accuracy and maximum effectiveness.

Our international knowledge and expertise leads the market in cargo scanning, from our experience of building border security services, to our relationships with scanner manufacturers.  

We will design, implement and maintain your scanner services through the following steps:

  • If you are looking for a scanner project investor, we offer flexible solutions as part of our wide range of border security services. By acting as scanner project investors, we assume all the financial and technical risks through project financing schemes such as Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT), Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) or leasing arrangements

  • We carry out a thorough feasibility study on site to assess and evaluate the current entry/exit point clearance process. We will then assess the volume of traffic and its fluctuation over a period of time to establish the anticipated growth of volume for coming years. A zoning/mapping survey will show us the implications of a scanner implementation in terms of volume of work, neighborhood impact and reorganization. We then carry out a full review of port, customs and scanner processes

  • Scanning technology is constantly evolving, and our market experience enables us to assist you with your scanner selection and comparative study. Our established relationships with scanner manufacturers mean that we are able to assist you with your equipment contract negotiation to ensure best price and purchasing options for contracts, spare parts and delivery

  • We understand the importance of configuring your site correctly. We will assist you with your scanner site implementation, scanner set-up and commissioning, and help to organize traffic flow to avoid congestion

  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and On-Site Acceptance Tests (OSAT) protect your interests by ensuring that warranties and guarantees given by the vendor are genuine and correct. We will witness these tests to double check that all equipment is appropriate to your needs

  • We will help to implement scanner maintenance organization to correctly maintain your equipment

  • Our experts will assist you with scanner operation

  • Finding the right specialist staff, such as Image Analysts, requires experienced judgement. Our team will help to write job definitions and skills requirements, as well as manage the recruitment process from selection to interview. Training your staff is an essential part of the implementation process.  Find out more about our specialist scanner training
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SCANNING SERVICESSGS Scanning ServicesNon-Intrusive inspection without de-vanning. Trade will benefit from accelerated cargo clearance and the Government will optimize revenue collection. ...


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