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Scanner Operation and Maintenance

Scanner operation and maintenance from SGS – maximize your site with operations support and preventative maintenance.

Keeping your scanners in operation and fully maintained is essential to ensure the critical accuracy of your scanning services. Our extensive experience of on-site scanner operations gives us unique insight into helping you maximize the efficiency and precision of your site.

Our SGS scanner experts can assist you with day-to-day scanner operations, or operate the scanner for you. We offer operations services including image analysis, document workflow management, suspicious shipments investigation and scanner users' handling.

Preventative maintenance is vital to ensure the smooth running of your scanning site. We offer a range of comprehensive maintenance services including:

  • Spare parts management: we offer the use of our SGS spare parts management software to guarantee the automatic replacement by the scanner manufacturer of any spare removed from the stock on site
  • On-site maintenance team: this team will have the necessary skills and qualifications to provide tailor made maintenance, giving you an immediate response to breakdowns with the full support of the SGS network
  • Permanent on-line assistance: our SGS knowledge database centre is accessible around the clock, all over the world, giving you access to breakdown troubleshooting information from the manufacturer, our SGS breakdown experience and problem fixing procedures all in one place

Contact us for more information about our scanner operations and maintenance services.

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SCANNING SERVICESSGS Scanning ServicesNon-Intrusive inspection without de-vanning. Trade will benefit from accelerated cargo clearance and the Government will optimize revenue collection. ...


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