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Aid Efficiency

Good governance, transparency and accountability are essential for efficient distribution of aid. An aid monitoring solution is an invaluable tool for loan and grant development agencies, private foundations and non-profit organizations to ensure that they meet standards and guidelines set out for them throughout a project. Independent third-party information and verification can speed up completion of a project, and help to maximize effective implementation.

At SGS, our Aid Efficiency Services experts provide a range of processes from risk profiling, procurement and benchmarking to documentary checks, project monitoring and technical training.   

Risk profiling

It is essential to find out everything you need to know about your development and venture partners. Identifying, sorting and weighing the risks is time-consuming when you need verified information at your fingertips, which is why our SGS experts have developed a risk profiling tool to help you.

Our SGS risk profiling tool measures key strengths of agencies and entities against a benchmark of best practices displayed on performance dashboard that can be tailored to include your preferred criteria. 

Using traditional system audit methodologies, risk profiling offers independent performance assessments measured against an integrated set of perspectives with an IT platform that is flexible enough to incorporate your specific needs and requirements.

Procurement law analysis

It is also essential to promote a sound public procurement system, to enhance good governance and greater public and private confidence. We offer local procurement law analysis to give you increased trust and greater effectiveness in your local supply chain.

Bringing an analysis of local procurement law and International Financial Institutions (IFI) guidelines together in one place will give you a significant strategic sourcing advantage. A clause-by-clause comparison will enable you to conduct compliance checks of all relevant documents, and compare detailed observations and recommendations of conformities/non-conformities. The resulting executive summary highlights key issues for local procurement law, and gives you greater public and private confidence.

Find out how we can help you monitor your aid distribution through our comprehensive list of solutions and talk to our procurement specialists to find out how local procurement law assessment can improve your sourcing strategy.

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Aid EfficiencyAid EfficiencyAn aid monitoring solution is an invaluable tool for loan and grant development agencies, private foundations and non-profit organizations ...


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